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CRM enrichment on Autopilot

Healthy Data. Healthy Pipeline.

Clean. Update. Enrich.Automatically ✨

Compatible with all major CRMs

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Put CRM Data Cleansing on Autopilot 🧹ī¸

Spend less time cleaning & enriching your CRM
and more time actually closing deals.

crm enrichment

Make your CRM fill itself✨

Eliminate manual updates by auto-populating your CRM records with accurate data, every time.

The full picture, without lifting a finger

Every record fills automatically as soon as it enters your CRM, so you have all the required context of your prospect without the need for manual research.

More accurate segmentation

Plugging data holes in your CRMs ensures that you build accurate segments and develop sales processes relevant to your ideal customers.

No more duplicates 🧩

Automatically detects and merges duplicate records for you.

De-duplication on auto-pilot

Datacare checks and merges records as soon as they enter the CRM, eliminating manual review.

Create quality connections

No more embarrassing double-messages. Need we say more?

crm deduplication
crm cleaning

Automatically clean outdated data đŸŽ¯

Datacare continuously checks your existing data and replaces old, invalid information with a more up-to-date version if needed.

Keep your bounce rate low

Datacare automatically removes invalid emails and replaces them with new information, if available.

Automatically update outdated data

Your data is constantly evolving. People change jobs, companies evolve... Datacare automatically updates your data, so you always work with relevant information.

Solve the CRM chaos now
and keep your sales team in the zone