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Comparisons / Evaboot

The Evaboot alternative that finds more valid emails

Findymail is an alternative to Evaboot that gives you the same export capabilities you love, but with better email data.

Do so much more than just exporting

Evaboot is mainly geared towards exporting from Sales Navigator searches. Findymail does that but also lets you enrich & verify emails through other channels as well as more export options, for all your prospecting needs.

Only pay for valid emails

Unlike Evaboot which charges you a credit on every request, even no email is found, Findymail only uses a credit when we actually find a valid email. Get the best bang for your buck and stop paying for no or invalid emails.

Integrations that save you time

Findymail connects with your favorite sales tools natively for a seamless prospecting workflow. Push contacts directly to your email sending tool, connect to your app through Zapier or the API... The opportunities are endless

Comparing Findymail vs. Evaboot

Only pay for valid emailsNo, credit used even when no email is found
Don't charge for duplicates
Export from Linkedin
Standalone email finder
Email verifier
Export from
Instantly integration
Smartlead integration
Zapier integration
Enrich from list of domains

About Evaboot

Evaboot was founded by Jean-Baptiste Jezequel and Robin Zouein in 2021. They are a bootstrapped software company that helps people export Sales Navigator search results into a clean Excel file.

It defines itself as "The Smartest LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper" as opposed to more traditional automation like Phantombuster.

Evaboot is operating worldwide but many of their clients come from France because of their French roots

Why salespeople are making the switch from Evaboot to Findymail

Here are some more of the reasons salespeople have shared for why they’ve chosen Findymail over Evaboot to find their emails.

More affordable

By only charging a credit on valid emails, you need a lot less credits with Findymail than you do on Evaboot to get the same usable lead list. That means a reduced bill!

More valid emails

The number one reason people switch from Evaboot to Findymail is because of our email data. We simply find more emails, with a better email quality.

Apollo export support

A lot of our customers use Apollo in their workflow and for a good reason. We're the Evaboot alternative that supports export & verification right out of Apollo.

More integrations

We understand that Findymail is only one piece in your prospecting workflow. Contrary to Evaboot, we integrate natively with your favorite email sending tool.

Super simple to take data and find valid email addresses to send for our cold email campaigns. We use the tool every day.”

Eric Nowoslawski

Eric Nowoslawski

Founder, Growth Engine X

Findymail vs Evaboot: What's right for me ?

Great question! We obviously think we’re pretty great, but here’s an honest comparison:

Both Findymail and Evaboot are linkedin scrapers, allowing you to export your Linkedin searches into CSV.

To help you decide between Findymail vs. Evaboot, let's dive into the details

All prices and features are accurate at the time of writing, but they may change over time.

Fairer pricing

Both Findymail and Evaboot allow you to find emails of your prospects. But Evaboot will charge you on every request, whether or not it finds a result.

That's not the case with Findymail, where we only use a credit when we're able to find a valid, verified email. That aligns incentives between us: we can only get paid if we're good at finding emails.

We also include standalone email enrichment in the same subscription package, whereas on Evaboot you can only enrich what you exported from Linkedin using Evaboot.

Better email enrichment

Both Findymail and Evaboot are enriching your Linkedin searches with emails.

The number one reason people switch to Findymail though is because of our superior email enrichment capabilities.

Using our own proprietary algorithms for email finding, we're able to find more emails on average than Evaboot, whether you're using Evaboot's email finder or their Dropcontact integration.