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The Email Finder
That Guarantees Valid Emails

Find the email addresses of all your prospects with guaranteed accuracy

Pedro A.

β€œI use Findymail in my email finding and it is always one of the best performers in finding European emails”

Pedro A.
Marketing and Growth Ops
Nebojsa Savicic

β€œEasily the best email finder on the market. From the start of my email outreach efforts, I got 0 bounced emails. I never got stats that good before.”

Nebojsa Savicic
Co-Founder @ Plainly
Jesse Ouellette

β€œFindymail is an excellent product. Works exactly as described and great support. I recommend it for cold emailers and anyone who neeeds to reach out to people's B2B E-mail Address!”

Jesse Ouellette
Founder of LeadMagic

Does this sound familiar?

Spending money on email addresses you can't use?
Losing opportunities because you can't reach the decision-maker?
Wasting time manually entering data instead of closing deals?
Paying for multiple prospecting tools just to get one useful email address?

We thought so. What if...

You could rely on your contact data 100%?
You could automate your list building workflow?
You only paid for *actually* verified emails?
You could focus on what counts: closing?

Findymail, your reliable B2B data partner

We're not "yet another email finder"

Or that average working feature here just to be "all-in-one".

Finding emails is our specialty, and we're on a mission to finally provide high quality data to all businesses.

Other email finder tools
Give you outdated personal emails
Waste your credits on risky catch-all emails
"Verified" emails that actually bounce
Require manual data entry
Make you deal with messy CSV files
Only "[email protected]" type emails
No credits wasted on unusable emails
A bounce rate under 5% - guaranteed
Automate the "boring stuff"
Seamlessly integrate with your CRM & sequencer

Our data guarantee

If you find a valid email using another tool that is not present on Findymail, reach out to us and you'll get 50 free credits

Less than 5% invalid emails, guaranteed

Best data coverage on the market

No guessed emails

We simply find more valid emails than the competition

Benchmarked on a random file of 2315 contacts. Raw data : Findymail 1780 emails, Snov 1273, Hunter 1412, VoilaNorbert 1360, DropContact 1580, Anymailfinder 1617

Snov Logo

+ 39% more valid emails

Hunter Logo

+ 26% more valid emails

VoilaNorbert Logo

+ 30% more valid emails

DropContact Logo

+ 12% more valid emails

Anymailfinder Logo

+ 10% more valid emails

First 10 emails FREE

Find the email of anyone, anywhere.

bulk email finder

Find emails in bulk through our one click file enrichment.

email finder api

Build any automation using our Email Finder API

google sheets email finder

Find emails directly in Google Sheets

Integrate with your *existing* workflow

Let's stay away from uploading/downloading CSV files as much as possible, shall we ?

Integrate natively with your email sequencer









And with your CRM














β€œOn most email finders, you have to verify the data you just purchased with a 3rd party email verification tool or just accept that you will have a high bounce rate. I find that status-quo terrible, which is why I took it as a mission for Findymail to be a reliable data provider that you can safely use out of the box.

I also believe you shouldn't have to know the technicalities of email verification to do cold outreach. Email data tools have created categories out of thin air that you have to decipher by yourself like 'catch-all', 'risky', 'unknown'... At Findymail, we're handling that complexity for you.

We'll only give you an email if it's safe to use in your cold email campaigns. That's it. Simple, as things should be.

My commitment to you: providing the best way to find emails on the market.β€œ

- Valentin Wallyn, CEO

Findymail Logo

Quick Answers ⚑

Findymail is the last email finder you'll need. Input someone's name and website and grab that email to reach out ! That said if you have any questions, we're here to help. Here's the most common ones, below with the associated answer.

Yep. We only source verified, personal business emails. Think: [email protected]. We're designed for B2B sales, so no addresses.
Nope. You pay only when we find a verified email.
Sure! We'll spot you the first ten emails. Get a glimpse of what's possible with Findymail before unlocking additional volume and features through a paid account.
Searching for email addresses by hand is usually a long, hit-or-miss ordeal. You might find yourself digging through endless web pages, social media accounts, and business websites, just trying to luck out and find the right contact details. It's a slow and annoying process that's ripe for mistakes. When you do finally land on an email address, there's a pretty good chance it might be old or wrong. That can lead to efforts going down the drain and might even hurt your business connections. Then, you're left sending a cold email into the unknown, crossing your fingers that the recipient's inbox is still active. Using an email finder solves all of this.
The reason we started Findymail is because we didn't like the status quo of the email finder market. Other email finder tools will often charge you for emails that are invalid and provide "verified" emails that end up being invalid too.

As a result, you, the customer, either need to purchase a separate email verification tool to remove invalid emails from what you just purchased with the email finder, or you're simply left wondering why now your emails are landing in spam. We consider both options a terrible outcome. That's why we decided to launch a radically different offering for an email finder: we only provide (& charge for) verified email addresses.

The goal is to become your trusted email data provider πŸ’Œ
To find an email address with Findymail's email finder, you need to provide us some data.

Findymail currently works with:
  • Full name of the prospect + domain name (website URL) of the prospect's company
  • Full name of the prospect + company name

We also can enrich a file containing a list of websites only, where we will try to find target prospects based on a desired job title.
Please reach out at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist.

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