When you handle a vast amount of leads on the daily, focus on prospecting, or simply deal with high-value accounts, you need help.

And by help, I mean: data. You need as much relevant data as you can get.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do the heavy lifting yourself. Data enrichment services plug into your CRM or cold outreach software, keeping your lead profiles fresh and ripe for outreach personalization.

And today, I’ll show you the 7 best data enrichment services with my personal favorite aspects of each.

Let’s dive in!

7 Best Data Enrichment Services

1. The Best Overall Data Enrichment Service: ZoomInfo

Here’s the thing: ZoomInfo costs a pretty penny, but you can’t beat it when it comes to data enrichment.

If your B2B sales pipeline is full of high-ticket products with multiple buyers involved, you need all the aces up your sleeve you can get.

What Can ZoomInfo’s Data Enrichment Service Do for You?

Some of the information that ZoomInfo will show you as part of its data enrichment service includes:

  • Contact data
  • Firmographics
  • Intent data

Based on your ideal customer profiles (ICPs), ZoomInfo will review its B2B contact database to show you more lookalike leads to fill out the top of your funnel.

Of course, ZoomInfo’s data enrichment service can be fully automated. It integrates with your CRM perfectly, and you can set up workflows that perform data cleansing based on specific triggers.

Why I Love ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo covers data enrichment for niche needs, too.

Let’s say you sell to healthcare clients. In addition to seeing their basic data, you’d also see specific data like patient population and the average length of stay.

ZoomInfo Pricing

You’ll need to contact ZoomInfo for pricing in your case, but it typically starts from $14,995/year.

2. AI-Powered Data Enrichment: Demandbase

Demandbase describes itself as a triple espresso for workflows, which isn’t far from the truth.

It’s perfect for complex B2B sales (e.g., you use account-based sales and deal with buying committees instead of a single stakeholder).

How Does Demandbase’s Data Enrichment Service Help?

First, you’ll get key data on your accounts:

  • Contact information
  • Firmographics
  • Intent data
  • Technographics
  • News and updates

Then, you can synchronize the data with your CRM through integrations with tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, and others.

Demandbase’s approach explained

Ultimately, you’ll get a detailed view of every account in your book of business. This is great for prospecting, but it’s even better for maximizing your accounts’ lifetime value.

You can use the data to start highly-profitable conversations with B2B buyers, run account-based campaigns, or simply craft the perfect cold email icebreaker.

Why Demandbase Rocks

I love Demandbase’s data enrichment service, but it’s capable of much more.

When you’re ready to centralize your marketing and sales efforts and lead smarter conversations with account intelligence, Demandbase will have your back.

Demandbase Pricing

You’ll have to get in touch with Demandbase to build a custom plan.

3. Enrich Your Lead Lists with Accurate Email Addresses: Findymail

If you’ve done the research yourself and now all you need is an accurate email address for your target leads, check out Findymail.

How Does Findymail Work?

Findymail helps you source leads’ contact information in bulk or on the go.

Its Chrome extension allows you to scrape email addresses from Sales Navigator or Apollo to export them in bulk.

(This is perfect if you want to plug your lead list into your cold outreach tool.)

You can also find leads’ email addresses as you browse or scroll down your LinkedIn feed. When you land on the lead’s email profile, hit the Findymail extension to get their verified email address.

You can even use Findymail’s email finding & verification formula in Google Sheets for pre-made lead lists.

Since Findymail works as an API and a Chrome extension, you can easily integrate it with other tools and CRM systems and include it as part of your automation workflows through Zapier.

Why Is Findymail a Great Addition to Your Cold Outreach Stack?

B2B contact databases and data enrichment services don’t update email addresses as often as needed. Unfortunately, this leads to your emails bouncing, which makes it harder for your account to contact new leads.

If you want to make sure your cold outreach is actually reaching, you’ll need to verify the email addresses before you send emails.

Findymail Pricing

Findymail starts from $49/mo for up to 1,000 verified emails.

4. Best Data Enrichment Company for Fintech: Pipl

Enrich your lead profiles across their customer journey with Pipl. This funky-sounding data enrichment service packs a lot of power under the hood, so you’ll be able to find the correct data on your leads, as well as cross-reference it.

Key Pipl Features

You’ll keep the key lead data fresh, which includes:

  • Contact information (email, phone, address)
  • Social media profiles
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Associates
  • Current and past jobs
    And more!

If you’re focusing on a specific lead, Pipl will show you everything you need to know.

Why I Love Pipl

Pipl is fantastic for fintech.

If you have to conduct extensive background checks on your customers, Pipl takes a heavy load off your shoulders with billions of trust data points, beefing up your thin-file customers’ profiles.

Pipl Pricing

You should contact Pipl for a price based on your use case.

5. The Most Comprehensive Data Enrichment Service: Clearbit

If you’re looking for hundreds of data points to build a complete profile of your leads or customers, check out Clearbit.

Its enrichment platform integrates perfectly with the tools in your stack, providing you with plenty of information on your customers.

From there, it’s only a matter of timing your pitch right (something Clearbit can also help with).

What Data Do You Get with Clearbit?

You’ll see 100+ data points for companies and specific leads, including:

  • Firmographics (including more granular niche descriptors and funding)
  • Demographics
  • Technographics
  • Social media information
  • Contact information

And once you upload your ICP data, Clearbit will evaluate each lead to show you if they fit the profile.

Why I Love Clearbit’s Data Enrichment Service

If you’re looking for straight-up data enrichment for your existing and incoming leads, Clearbit does the trick.

It’s simple, constantly refreshed, and integrates with the most popular CRM and marketing tools, so you don’t have to worry about manually setting up integrations.

Clearbit Pricing

You’ll need to contact Clearbit’s sales team to get a quote based on your volume and contact database size.

6. The Best Data Enrichment Service for Startups: Crunchbase

If you’re an enterprise Crunchbase user and want to enrich your data for startup companies (whether that’s because you want to invest in them or sell to them), other private companies, and even venture capital companies, Crunchbase’s data enrichment feature might help!

What Does Crunchbase Enrichment Do Best?

Crunchbase is very specific in who it serves. Even though you can use it as a regular B2B sales professional, you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you use it to get the following data:

  • Investments from your VC competitors
  • Technographics and tech updates
  • Industry acquisitions

You’ll also get standard firmographic data.

Then, plug it into your CRM or sales tool to build fully fleshed-out lead profiles and know exactly where you stand with companies you want to sell to or invest in.

Crunchbase Data Enrichment Service Pricing

Available upon request. Keep in mind that it’s only available to Crunchbase Enterprise customers.

7. Custom-Built Data Profiles: LeadGenius

If you’re over the typical data enrichment companies and want something tailor-made for your sales team, you might like LeadGenius.

This data enrichment service is literally a service - they don’t just scrape information but also employ human researchers and build custom scrapers to provide data you won’t get with other tools.

Why Should You Consider LeadGenius?

If you deal with high-value leads and haven’t experienced a significant shift when using other data enrichment services, it may be time for a custom solution.

In addition to giving you all the basic enrichment information, LeadGenius also provides:

  • Industry-specific datasets
  • Personalized datasets
  • Global coverage
  • On-demand sourcing

Then, use automation with Outreach, Salesforce, and HubSpot integrations to launch personalized sales sequences.

Why I Love LeadGenius

Most companies can get by with typical data enrichment services. But if you want to stand out or have a tricky vertical, custom solutions help. A lot.

LeadGenius Pricing

LeadGenius has a free trial, but you’ll need to contact their team for more information on the paid options.

Next Step: Picking the Right Data Enrichment Service

There are a lot of companies that can help you enrich your data. However, to find the right one, look at:

  • The data points - Do you need to focus heavily on a specific industry? Which data points do you need to sell successfully?
  • Customization - Will integrations with popular tools be enough, or do you need the tool to work with your tailored stack?
  • Budget - You probably noticed most of these tools have pricing on demand. Your budget is going to be a key factor.

Ultimately, don’t compromise on the information you need to run a successful sales process. Choose the tool that makes you feel like you know your lead even before you hop on a call with them!