Data is the modern business lifeblood. However, raw data often lacks context. That's why modern leaders need data enrichment.

When you augment your data with additional information, you piece the bits and pieces of information into a full picture to enhance lead quality, improve customer insights and enable revenue expansion.

If your CRM of choice is the Zoho CRM, there’s plenty you can do. In this article, we’ll show you how to enrich data in your Zoho CRM, key tools and best practices.

What’s Data Enrichment in Zoho CRM?

Data enrichment means supplementing existing data with additional information to make it more actionable. This can include adding details such as contact information, demographics, preferences and behavioral insights to existing CRM records.

The Zoho CRM’s built-in data enrichment feature is enhanced by its AI-powered solution, Zia. You can effortlessly and efficiently gather as much data on your lead as possible.

Zoho will scour the internet for relevant information related to your leads using only the lead’s name, company name or website URL.

It can find a wealth of data from email addresses to phone numbers, social media profiles and more. Then it will populate as many relevant fields as it can to complete the lead’s record.

Your sales and marketing teams can use this data to personalize their messaging and sales pitches – boosting the overall relevance of their communications with leads.

However, with Zia, Zoho offers additional functionality: AI-driven predictive analytics. Zia AI can forecast future sales opportunities, identify potential leads and predict customer behavior. It mainly does this by analyzing past data and trends, as well as leveraging NLP (natural language processing).

With Zia AI’s assistance, you can easily understand what customers truly need and adjust your strategies accordingly. Even on a daily level, your teams can prioritize their outreach, having understood which leads are most likely to convert.

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The Benefits of Data Enrichment in Your Zoho CRM

Develop More Holistic Customer Profiles

Data enrichment within Zoho CRM gives you a complete, 360-degree view of customer interactions, preferences and engagement history.

Since you’re pulling data from so many sources and platforms, Zoho CRM lets you centralize your knowledge to get a deeper understanding of your audience’s needs, wants and behaviors, making it easier to create campaigns that resonate with the target.

For example, a company selling project management solutions can enrich its lead data with additional insights such as the client's industry, company size, project management challenges and technology stack.

The company can create personalized campaigns showing how its project management solution integrates seamlessly with popular tools in the client's technology stack, addressing their specific project management challenges and, ultimately, helping them improve project success rates.

Create More Targeted Communications

One of the key benefits of data enrichment in Zoho CRM is the ability to personalize communication effectively.

You can tailor outreach strategies based on the complete picture you have of each customer, from the specific offers you send them down to crafting the subject lines they’ll most likely click on.

Suppose you're selling automation solutions to other companies. Your CRM contains basic information about your clients. However, by enriching this data with additional insights like the industry, company size, annual revenue and specific challenges, your messages can become more relevant.

For example, instead of sending a generic email promoting your automation solution, you could craft a tailored message addressing the client's unique needs.

If your Zoho CRM data enrichment reveals that a potential client in the manufacturing industry with an annual revenue of $50M has challenges with inventory management and operational efficiency, you could highlight how your automation solution can streamline inventory processes, improve operational efficiency and contribute to cost savings.

Lead Scoring Precision with Zoho CRM Enrichment

By incorporating enriched data into your lead scoring process, you can assess lead quality and potential more accurately. That way, sales can focus more on those high-quality leads most likely to turn into a deal.

For example, let's consider a technology consulting firm that offers cybersecurity solutions. With Zoho CRM's data enrichment, their sales team gets additional insights such as the prospect's industry, company size, existing cybersecurity infrastructure and specific pain points.

Upon conducting data analysis, they can assign a higher score to leads from industries with stringent cybersecurity regulations and larger companies with a greater need for robust cybersecurity solutions.

Zoho CRM Data Enrichment Leads to Wiser Decisions

If you’re a sales leader, data enrichment can help you formulate intelligent decisions and strategies. With consolidated knowledge of your most profitable accounts, you’ll know where to expand and where to contract, ensuring your budget is fueling the most effective efforts.

At the same time, tracking your teams’ productivity and efficiency becomes a breeze. You know who the Account Executives with the best track record in specific types of deals are, so you can assign them where they’re most useful.

Finally, data enrichment in Zoho CRM validates and verifies data coming in from multiple sources, so you can stay compliant and minimize regulatory risks.

Operational Successes

As sales teams grow, the CRM “bloats.” All the data that was once accurate enough to execute ambitious strategies “decays.” This data decay gets exacerbated over time as more people come on board. Your teams are left with outdated information and the campaigns stop being as successful as they once were.

With data enrichment and the right Zoho CRM integrations, you can re-check and re-validate your data, so your people always have the information they need to complete their tasks.

In the long term, this leads to increased revenue (due to the efficiency of campaigns) and decreased costs (due to fewer efforts going wasted and a decreased need for data cleansing).

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How to Enable Data Enrichment in Zoho

So how do you unlock this powerful feature in Zoho? It’s fairly simple, just follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to Your Zoho Account and Click “Settings”

The first step is to log into your Zoho account so you’re on the main dashboard. Look for the “settings” cogwheel at the top of the screen.

2. Navigate to “Zia” and Select “Data Enrichment”

Next, scroll down the page until you see a section named “Zia.” In this box, you’ll see the option for “Data Enrichment.” Click on it and go to the next page.

3. Click “New Enrichment” and Follow the Prompts

Now, on the right-hand side of the page, look for the “New Enrichment” button. Click it and you will be instructed on what to do. You can select the module you want to enrich (leads, contacts, etc.).

4. Map Your Fields

Finally, you want to map the fields you want to enrich with their respective values. As you can see, it’s detailed and brings back info ranging from a company’s annual revenue and employee count to social media profiles and more.

Once you have your fields mapped, then click Save. You should see a green tick marked on the next page for the corresponding module.

Now your data is being enriched by Zia. Don’t overlook the mapping stage – the first rule of data hygiene is ensuring your tools capture the right data in the right fields.

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Top 5 Data Enrichment Tools for Zoho CRM

Of course, you don't have to rely solely on Zoho's built-in features to enrich your data. It works perfectly as a data headquarters, but many excellent tools specialize in data enrichment and integrate seamlessly with Zoho CRM.

1. Findymail for Zoho CRM Contact Data Enrichment

Findymail is a robust data enrichment tool designed to supplement your Zoho instance with rich, actionable email data. With Findymail, you can effortlessly enrich your contact records with valuable email information, including email addresses.

But Findymail doesn't stop there. Our newest solution, Datacare, takes data enrichment to the next level by offering a comprehensive suite of features aimed at creating a complete customer picture and keeping your CRM data healthy and clean.

Datacare goes beyond email data to provide a holistic B2B profile for each contact in your CRM. From company contact information to the number of employees, Datacare ensures that you have all the essential details you need to understand your customers better.

Plus, Datacare helps keep your data up-to-date by removing duplicates and dirty data, so your CRM remains clean and accurate. It’ll also fill any data gaps that your Zoho CRM might have, so you keep a complete view of your customers at all times.

With Findymail and Datacare, you can transform your Zoho CRM with rich, dynamic data. Sign up for Findymail CRM Datacare today.

2. BuiltWith for Zoho CRM Technographic Enrichment

BuiltWith is a go-to solution for enriching technographic data. With access to a vast database that covers over 100,000 internet technologies and 25 million eCommerce websites, it provides a comprehensive overview of the technologies driving businesses, including content management systems (CMS), content delivery networks (CDN), frameworks and more.

By using BuiltWith, you can unlock insights about your leads’ and prospects’ technology preferences and online behavior.

For example, you can see if they’re using a competitor and target your next marketing campaign to highlight your product’s strengths and differences.

It integrates seamlessly with Zoho CRM, making it an attractive option if your business sells B2B software or other digital solutions.

3. LeadsBridge for Advertising Data Enrichment

LeadsBridge integrates Zoho CRM and stands out because it enriches with advertising data.

With LeadsBridge, you can access data from platforms like Facebook Lead Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn, TikTok and more. It will automatically populate lead data directly from these into your Zoho CRM.

It also helps you optimize targeting efforts by syncing CRM segments, email marketing contacts or customer lists with the advertising platforms. That way, you can retarget or exclude specific audiences at every stage of the funnel.

With these functionalities, LeadsBridge can maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns for an increased ROAS.

4. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a leading provider of sales and marketing intelligence with a focus on enriching your target B2B accounts’ and prospects’ data.

Many businesses gravitate towards DiscoverOrg for its emphasis on account-based marketing and its ability to provide actionable data, including key stakeholders and decision-makers within target accounts.

It has a robust search and filtering feature, so your teams can quickly narrow their search criteria. DiscoverOrg also has a wide range of other capabilities such as a lead builder tool, marketing automation and behavioral data enrichment.

If you’re focusing on ABM or looking for a go-to-market prospecting tool, DiscoverOrg will be a powerful addition to your Zoho CRM.

5. API is a CRM that many businesses use for contact management and their cold outreach efforts. However, it also offers robust data enrichment using its API that integrates seamlessly with the Zoho CRM.

With the API, you get a unified view of your data, leads and customers. All you need is an email address to access full lead profiles. Of course, offers a range of other features, including lead generation, drip campaigns and email tracking.

If your business relies heavily on email marketing and uses Zoho CRM, consider’s API integration.

Zoho CRM Data Enrichment Best Practices

Before you start the enrichment and integration process, consider the best practices our team has used to streamline the way they work in Zoho CRM.

Update Your Data in Zoho CRM Regularly

Make sure you schedule periodic updates for your enriched data. Regular updates ensure that your database reflects the latest changes in customer information.

Additionally, staying proactive allows you to avoid inaccuracies and ensure that your team has access to up-to-date information for their decision-making processes.

Align with Marketing Initiatives

Eliminate data silos and start working in alignment. If your marketing team is in charge of collecting and sharing qualified leads with your sales team, you should both be comfortable working (together) in your Zoho CRM setup.

When planning which data types you’ll need for enrichment, consider marketing’s needs, as well. Once both teams are aligned, your CRM data won’t only support your day-to-day outreach, but provide essential help with broader objectives, such as lead generation and segmentation.

Train and Educate Your Team on Zoho CRM Data Enrichment

Provide comprehensive training on how to access, interpret and leverage enriched CRM data effectively. You’ll also want to raise awareness among your team members about the importance of data quality and the impact it has on business outcomes.

The goal is to empower your team with the knowledge and tools they need to use enriched data effectively. If you struggle with internal resistance or user adoption, clarify how data enrichment leads to improved performance and results. You could even temporarily track CRM and enrichment-related KPIs.

Consistent Data Maintenance

Consistency is key to maintaining the accuracy and reliability of your CRM data. Implement regular data maintenance tasks, such as deduplication, data cleansing and normalization.

Of course, tools like Datacare do this automatically. Datacare will prevent inaccuracies and ensure that you and your team have high-quality information for your decision-making processes.

Unlock the Power of Data Enrichment in Your Zoho CRM

Standard data isn’t enough and neither is data that decayed. If you want to gain a competitive advantage and ensure your campaigns come through to leads at the right moment, you need data enrichment.

Fortunately, Zoho CRM has AI-powered solutions of its own, as well as plenty of integrations with market-leading enrichment tools such as Findymail. That's why we recommend signing up for early access to Datacare, Findymail's newest data enrichment and management solution.

With Datacare, you can go beyond email data enrichment and create a complete customer profile, ensuring that your CRM is equipped with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Don't miss out on the chance to transform your CRM data enrichment strategy and unlock new possibilities for growth.

Sign up for Datacare early access today.